Survive Zombie Attacks with Hyundai Cars


Zombie-related memes and other amusing online entries are influenced by the growing number of zombie-themed movies and series. In these movies, surviving a zombie attack is possible by either fighting them or running. However, why run when you can drive a Hyundai to protect yourself from these brain-yearning creatures?

Speed away from zombies

A zombie attack is unlikely to occur in real life setting, but zombie attack survival was chosen as the theme in presenting Hyundai vehicles in several car display events in the United States. Featuring Hyundai cars like Elantra and Santa Fe (which can be seen at SportDurst Hyundai), these events gathered quite a lot of spectators from their localities just to see how these elegant cars transformed to badass vehicles that will take on any zombie in front of it.

Comic-Con head turners

Robert Kirkman came to the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego with an Elantra-turned-survival machine, which made fans’ heads roll with excitement. According to reports, the heavy-duty car paid homage to The Walking Dead comic’s 100th issue. Kirkman collaborated with Design Craft in constructing this vehicle.

The famed vehicle is equipped with a huge plow with spikes installed in front to face zombies head on, heavy-duty all-terrain tires and spikes for extra protection, weaponries found on the rear trunk, roof hatch for added attacks, CB radio, and powerful flood lights installed in front and at the rear.

Flaunting a matte gray finish, the creator is excited for every ‘The Walking Dead’ fan to see the car and discover its features that will save them from zombies.

On the other hand, Anson Kuo, another ‘The Walking Dead’ fan, also has another version of a survival vehicle to present at the 2013 New York Comic-Con. According to reports, Kuo utilized The Walking Dead Chop Shop app in choosing a design for his own vehicle exhibition. This app is designed to help fans create their own Hyundai survival cars. Among the three options, Kuo chose to design a Santa Fe and came up with its look to present at the event. The series’ fan brought the design to life by placing knife blades, windows protected by razor wires, crossbow, muffler silencer and a lot more. No zombie will survive the pointed objects attached to the vehicle, allowing the driver and passengers to run away from their abomination.

Unlike Kirkman’s vehicle, this modified Santa Fe has greased finish that made it look rugged and completely transforming its original appearance. Kuo stated in reports that his goal in designing the vehicle is maximum survival by gearing it up with numerous weaponries while having enough compartment spaces for supplies. It can also save several passengers considering the car’s size and body. This vehicle will surely attract fellow fans’ attention and even passersby who just heard of the series.

These zombie survival vehicles are deemed as eye candies for fans during the event. Their unique appearance can stop people from walking and checking out the car. Fans, however, will marvel upon seeing the vehicles they used to see on the comic series come into life in these events.


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