Nissan Hired a New Auto Analyst to Improve Quality

Nissan Motor Company, a Japanese automaker based in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan, hired engineer David Champion to improve the production of its lineup. Champion is a well-known engineer who largely focuses on resolving quality and safety issues. Continue reading this article to see how Champion helped Nissan resolve their internal quality issues.

Why Nissan Needs an Auto Analyst?

Nissan hired Champion in 2012 to have someone in-charge in maintaining good quality. The Japanese automaker is highly recognized for its quality improvement along with Infiniti. The findings of the 2012 Initial Quality Study conducted by J.D. Power Associates recognized the two brands as the most improved. Also, the automaker shows a great improvement in customer satisfaction for it is the only automaker that took some time to determine the impressions of their consumers.

Champion is Nissan’s current adviser for competitive assessment quality and is directly reporting to Steve Monk, the director for vehicle evaluation and testing for Nissan North America. The strong background of Champion in car business is considered a good advantage by the automaker. Before his appointment as the new adviser, he worked for Nissan from 1994 to 1997 as the quality assurance engineer. He was the one in-charge of the creation of the testing facilities that were reserved for the production of Land Rover in North America. Also, he is known as the public face of the Consumer Reports’ automotive evaluation section.

In addition, Nissan is confident that it will be able to get more satisfied consumers upon the appointment of Champion. He is an expert in coming up with excellent testing methods that will be helpful in improving the complexity of the automaker’s products. Carla Bailo, the senior vice president of research and development in Nissan confirmed that the automaker wanted to maintain its good ratings when it comes to customer satisfaction. She believes that Champion will be able to get the voice of every consumer in all products that are being engineered. In such way, Nissan will continue to meet the demands of its consumers worldwide.

How Can Champion Help?

Champion graduated from a reputable university in England and earned a dual bachelor’s degree. He holds a degree for both metal and material science and mechanical engineering. Also, he became a giant in the world of publishing. He became part of the Consumer Reports which is best known for automotive testing and feared by most of the automakers in the whole world.

His presence in Nissan will surely bring good benefits to the automaker and will be instrumental in getting more consumers. In addition, the automaker is doing great with its sales. It is getting good profits from its production of new models; the Juke and the Altima as shown at Team Nissan North. It is getting good feedback from consumers because of its dedication in protecting the environment. It organized the Green Program in 2010 and was named the 2010 Energy Star by the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA. Champion can help Nissan maintain all of these because of his expertise.

Nissan is the second largest automaker in Japan and it is hoping to create a good presence worldwide through this new high profile recruit.


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