Impressive NBA Car Collections: Dodge Challenger SRT8


What can be said about the Dodge Challenger SRT8?  One, it is more than a muscle car.  Boasting a spacious room for 5 adults, going for a power trip and a road trip is made possible by Dodge through this car.  Maybe that is one of the reasons why a Toronto Raptor chose it as his travel buddy vehicle.  Yes, this American professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association, Rudy Carlton Gay, Jr., is a proud owner of a Dodge Challenger SRT8 which starred in ComplexRides’ Top 10 Impressive NBA Car Collections. See what Steve Jones Chrysler says about it online.

Rudy Gay – his NBA career, from Grizzlies to Raptors

Having played collegiate basketball for the University of Connecticut before turning professional since the 2006 NBA Draft, Rudy Gay had always been seen playing competitively each game.  No wonder that landing himself in the Memphis Grizzlies helped the team, win 22 games back in 2007 in his rookie year. Also earning him the third spot in the 2006–07 season awarding of the NBA Rookie of the Year.  However, seven years later, from being one of the Grizzlies, Gay was traded to the Toronto Raptors in a three-way deal which included the Detroit Pistons that landed him to play for the Raptors starting from the 2012-2013 season of the NBA.

The Star Player and his Star Car

Being a star player in his own right, Rudy Gay has chosen cars which exactly personify his competitive plays in the basketball court.  Indeed, cars that he owns should also stand as a star in its own right.  And by knowing that Gay actually owns a car that has so much gusto, the Dodge Challenger SRT8 has just landed perfectly on the description.

His Customized Challenger and Your Own Challenger too!

With its oh-so-known classic style yet modern performance, this Dodge surely is something that Gay is proud of owning.  Though, with a height of 6′ 8,″ this 27-year old Raptor needed a fairly big ride. So he got the service of his friends from Pro Motorsports and had his Dodge Challenger SRT8 for customization. Now having a matte blue Challenger with Cor Forged 22 wheels, this travel buddy has also been customized to have a Rockford sound system, iPad in the dash, continental tires, Uconn custom logos, and Tiarra grille with Uconn logo.  The transformation of a great car to being a greater car is what Pro Motorsports has always achieved, that is why earlier than the Challenger project, Gay asked the same team to have his Jeep Wrangler lifted, and of course they did a great job.

You do not need to be a basketball star to have your own Dodge Challenger.  This ultimate modern American muscle car is yours for the taking in numerous ways.  Making cash out, or getting an auto financing, or a car loan can be of help.  Whichever way you want to get, Dodge assures you that this Challenger is the ultimate no-compromise muscle car that offers classic style and modern performance at its finest.


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