Dom’s Charger: A Love Story

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From the moment it escaped that train in the first movie, Dominic Toretto’s famous muscle car has become the star of the franchise. Sexy muscle lines. Vociferous sound of the engine. Unbelievable speed. Simply wow. The 1970 edition of the Dodge Charger RT lived up to the title of the movie series. Why? It’s unstoppably fast and furious against its opponents. No wonder why it has been connected to Dom and his adventures. In fact, the Charger has already gone through numerous rebuilds every time it is destroyed through the course of the series. So basically, it has been featured in almost all of the Fast and the Furious movies.

Aside from being the main attraction of the entire Fast and the Furious franchise, Dom’s Charger is also one of the mean cars in the series. Why? Has anyone seen a Nitrous Oxide powered GT-R R34 getting outrun by a Charger? Even if Dom didn’t bump away Brian during a race in the 4th installment, beating a muscle car with 900 horsepower in a drag race takes more than a bottle of the N20. In fact, no muscle car can match the ’70 Charger’s ultimate speed in real life. No wonder why this car is chosen to be one of the real stars of the series. As they say, “Oldies but goodies,” It has been destroyed several times but it will just bounce back to return over and over again.

And more than anything else, the relationship between Dominic Toretto and his beloved Charger proves one thing: real drivers have a serious relationship with their cars. It’s not about who got the fastest car. It’s about who knows his car the most. As Dom said it once, “Real drivers know exactly what’s in their cars” and having your own car takes more than just money and guts to drive. Having your own car takes effort, patience, determination and of course, passion in your part. You wouldn’t buy a ’70 Charger worth 40,000 Dollars and let an amateur technician to handle the repairs and maintenance. No. You do it yourself. In the movies, it was Dom who did everything from setting up the car and keeping it in its best racing condition to upgrading it and rebuilding it all over again. That is what we call passion. Love for cars. In fact, owning your own car is like a love story. You keep it. You take care of it. You cherish it. You treasure it. And yes, you spend quality time with your car.  Indeed, owning a car is a love story. We had the chance to test drive a new Charger at Sport Durst Dodge.

Owning a car like Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Charger can be a hassle especially if you don’t know anything about the car. Before you can even sit into the driver’s seat, you must know the engine. It’s like knowing the car’s personality. The ’70 Charger is one powerful American muscle car. And Dominic Toretto is one of the few who knew how to tame the monster inside it. And he certainly knew how to drive it FAST and FURIOUSly.


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