Enjoy the Engine Sound Inside the Cabin of 2014 Cadillac CTS


All these XXI and XX technologies dedicated to decrease the insulting engine sound and road noise in the cabin worked so well that the people who like to hear the engine have lost the opportunity to do so. Why not to let them enjoy the good old road sounds again?

With regard to the newest 2014 Cadillac CTS, GM ensures us the process included applying the psychoacoustics principles, the science of sound and perception.
While basing on the idea that engine sound has something to do with throttle response, GM came up with an idea to tune the car with some special audio properties, which are different for each of it driving modes – Tour, Sport and Track. They’ve also added in the car’s Bose audio system.

Each of the drive modes will act as some kind of an engineering equalizer, accentuating certain engine notes through the stereo to make it louder. GM is willing to stress that this isn’t fake engine noise, but rather real engine noise that is being amplified for the driving enjoyment of everyone inside the car.

When in touring mode, the car will purr with refinement, in Sport it will have a spirited growl and in Track mode, which is only available in the 420 horsepower Vsport, the CTS will roar even more aggressively. The engineering team worked hard and placed some microphones around the cabin of the CTS, the microphones record the engine sound and pump the engine note through the cars Bose audio system. But to clarify, there were no artificial sounds used. It’s still the exhaust note, just bypassing the silencing sound insulation.

Here is what Dave Leone, CTS executive chief engineer said in his interview to Performance Luxury Vehicles: “The sound enhancement system acts like a choir conductor, calling forth certain engine sounds to sing the loudest depending on the driving mode. We used our ears to tell us what sounded the best and programmed the system to listen for those tones.”
It is worth to say that the system differs from the one that BMW uses, so it will be fair to say that Cadillac is up to bring us something special and unique.

Info source: http://www.buycarparts.co.uk


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