Mahindra Xylo : The dark horse of Indian utility vehicle market

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited (M&M), the country’s leading utility vehicle maker, won hearts of top industry critics and experts when it launched its Xylo Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) to challenge the segment dominance of Toyota Innova in Indian auto market. The Mahindra Xylo was the company’s maiden model in the domestic MUV segment and helped M&M to establish itself as an all round utility vehicle maker in the country. The stylish MUV was introduced with an extremely aggressive price strategy on Indian turf, which came in handy for its maker, M&M towards consolidating a significant market share in a short span of time in the domestic passenger vehicle market.

The Mahindra Xylo MUV was launched in the Indian utility vehicle market in 2009 and, since then has developed a wide customer fan base in the country. The MUV caters to every need and requirements of local car loving population that is composed of working individuals, small and middle house holds along with college going youth, amongst others. The Xylo’s USP is its smart pricing and ample interior cockpit capaciousness, which makes it an ideal vehicle for taking on spirited inter city getaways, short weekend picnics and trips. The Mahindra MUV packs a powerful punch from under its hood, besides offering a sublime driving feel and experience. Since, M&M has put up Xylo against current segment leader Toyota Innova, the Indian utility vehicle comes trimmed with every major attribute of its Japanese rival, albeit at a much lower pricing.

Top industry experts have affirmed that M&M has very smartly developed its Xylo MUV, while keeping in mind the shortcomings and cons found in its direct rival – Toyota Innova. The best thing about Mahindra Xylo are its state-of-the-art interior setting coupled with some top draw comfort and convenience features. The modish MUV flaunts several segment defining features, such as top quality and world class Italian leather fabric bolstered driver and passenger seats, adjustable Steering wheel, height adjustable driver seat, adjustable steering column and enticing wood finish on the central console. The interior setting of Xylo looks premium and has been lauded by most industry boffins, but the same cannot be said for its exterior appearance. The Mahindra MUV has been chided by both auto industry reviewers and local public, because of its boxy appearance from both front and posterior ends.

Coming to Mahindra Xylo specifications, the seven seater MUV comes fitted with the much fawned upon 2.2 litre mHawk power-mill, which churns out a peak power and torque equation around 120 bhp and 280 Nm, respectively. Further, another powertrain is offered by the Indian UV maker in Xylo package comprising a 2.5 litre, 2498 cc, mEagle that is based on the cutting-edge NEF Common Rail Diesel engine (CRDe) platform. Despite its small size, the performance of Xylo’s mEagle powertrain is slightly low in compared to its 2.2 litre mHawk brother. Accordingly, it is the mHawk that powers top end model of Xylo. The Mahindra Xylo reviews have stated out-and-out that the MUV is one of the most value for money options available in the segment. At present, the Mahindra MPV is pitched against Toyota Innova, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Tata Sumo Gold in the Indian utility vehicle market.


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