730 hp BMW M5 Hurricane tuning by G-Power

The German tuner G-power created an outstanding tuning program for the BMW M5. Known as the ‘ Hurricane”, the g power is powered by 730 hp, thats 224 more than the standard hp on a bmw m5. A regular M5 is fast, you can only imagine this car with 224 more hp, it tested on the track and ran 200mph which was not its max because it was electronically limited. G-power says more info will be released soon and the possibility of an 800hp version coming out soon. Didn’t think anyone would even want to modify an M5, this car is extremely nice and i love it, just wish it was a different color like black or silver.[ Source Auto Unleashed]

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  1. Jon says:

    Its incredible so i wanna now how buy that kit

  2. Turbo Tuning says:

    Buy this kit?? I believe it is around 200K.

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